DOT-PHMSA Pipeline Drug/Alcohol Program Compliance
Region Contact Phone Fax Email
Products Pipeline Buzz Fant 713-369-9454 713-495-2713
Southeast Terminals Kyle Mayberry 713-420-4454
CO2 Juhi Joshi 713-369-8078
Natural Gas Jaime Hernandez 713-369-9433 713-495-2767
Terminals Danielle Stephens 713-420-6496 303-984-3048

Note - Only contractors with approved drug/alcohol testing programs will be allowed to perform DOT-covered tasks for KM. For those Contractors registered in ISNetworld, information is downloaded from NCMS to ISNetworld contractor dashboard.

For general information, contact Kinder Morgan Representative:
Rick Slaugh, Director-EHS 713-369-8357 832-397-4501