Kinder Morgan is a natural fit for facilitating CCUS projects, with decades of experience permanently injecting CO2  into depleted oil fields as part of our enhanced oil recovery (EOR) business, along with developing and operating the largest CO2 pipeline capacity system in the United States.  Even more compelling is the fact that within 30 miles of our existing CO2 pipelines, we estimate that there are many significant carbon capture opportunities from natural gas processing/treating, natural gas power and coal power facilities.

We are leveraging our operational and technical expertise to participate across the value chain for CCUS projects, which includes capture from emissions sources, transport, and utilization (EOR) or sequestration.


Emission Sources

KMI is in talks with emissions sources throughout North America who are looking to capture CO2 emissions from their operations.


We continue to look at opportunities to leverage our CO2 operational experience to invest, construct and/or operate CO2 capture facilities as part of CCUS projects. 

We can also leverage existing capabilities, including fabrication and processing expertise.


As the largest transporter of CO2 in North America, we can move approximately 1.5 Bcf/d through the Cortez pipeline that delivers roughly 80% of the CO2 used for Permian EOR. We are experts at developing and constructing CO2 pipelines.

This makes us uniquely positioned for CCUS projects around our existing infrastructure or allows us to leverage that experience for greenfield projects throughout the U.S.


KMI has decades of downhole CO2 EOR experience that we utilize to assess potential sequestration locations. 

EOR can benefit from 45Q today and can be coupled with sequestration options for enhanced optionality.