Kinder Morgan was featured on Fox Business’ show How America Works with Mike Rowe on Monday, November 14 at 7 p.m. CT. The series showcases the many individuals that work round the clock to keep our infrastructure in working order. This specific episode focuses on pipelines, and it will feature the trials and tribulations of building a new natural gas pipeline segment in Alabama. 

In a documentary-style format, the TV producers followed employees from Kinder Morgan and LouTex, our general contractor, to chronicle the stages of pipeline construction and show up close and personal exactly how they get the job done. Mike Rowe serves as the narrator throughout the hour-long TV segment, but the employees and contractors tell the story through their own words and actions – entirely unscripted.   


This episode, which was filmed in June, documents one of our recent expansion projects on our Southern Natural Gas pipeline system in western Alabama. More than 100 contractors and employees worked to haul, weld and bury three miles of large-diameter pipeline, and then restore the right-of-way, to support the growing demand for natural gas from industrial and residential customers in the area.