Solving for Climate Change and Human Development Starts with a Clear Understanding
of the Facts

All forms of energy will continue to play a critical role in advancing global climate objectives, while also providing billions of people with access to affordable energy. This is a complex problem that cannot be solved with the flip of a switch, and hydrocarbons will remain critical for decades to come. 



Natural gas and petroleum (hydrocarbons) will be a critical energy source for decades. Hydrocarbons are the naturally occuring basis for crude oil, natural gas and other petrochemical products.

Challenges for a low carbon future

Hydrocarbons are needed to build the new infrastructure that supports renewable energies. 

Energy access brings people out of poverty

There are nearly 1 billion people without electricity and up to 2 billion whose electricity is inadequate and unreliable.


Pipelines are the cleanest and safest way to deliver energy. Liquids pipelines are powered primarily by electric pumps and emit 42% less greenhouse gas emissions than transporting the same amount of energy by rail. A government review found that shipping the same energy by rail increases the risk of oil release by over 800 times and barrels released by 2.6 times.

Further Reading

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