Kinder Morgan is committed to operational excellence and demonstrates that commitment by reporting environmental, health and safety performance to the public. These reports track Kinder Morgan's performance on employee safety and agency reportable releases and incidents, and compare the company's most recent 12 months of performance data to its peers and to its own previous three years of performance.

OSHA Recordable Injuries/Illnesses and Avoidable Vehicle Accidents

This information is reported by business unit using 12-month and three-year average rates, and is generally referred to as the company's employee safety statistics. It lists Kinder Morgan's performance and the industry average according to sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics or the American Gas Association.

Gas Pipeline Incidents

The data in this report represents the number of Department of Transportation (DOT) reportable Incidents per 1,000 miles of Transmission and Regulated Gathering pipe that Kinder Morgan operates.  It is reported using 12-month and three-year average rates, and compares Kinder Morgan's performance to the industry average.

Releases from Onshore Pipeline Right-of-Way

This report focuses on products and CO2 pipelines using 12-month and three-year average rates. The data reflects releases that occur on pipeline right-of-way.

KM Contractor OSHA Recordable Injuries/Illnesses

This data is compiled and updated on a quarterly basis by the Kinder Morgan Contractor Safety Department and reflects incidents incurred while performing work at Kinder Morgan worksites or on a Kinder Morgan right-of-way. It lists Kinder Morgan contractor performance and the industry average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.